Intermediate Program for Ages 11, 12 & 13

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I would like to invite your child to be part of Eastlake Little League’s new Intermediate Program. This program is only open to 11, 12, and 13 year olds. I am going to try and answer as many questions as I can in this email, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have follow up questions.

What is it?
The Intermediate Program is part of Little League International which includes some rule differences from Majors to Juniors. For instance, Intermediate allows leading off which in turn leads to pick off moves for pitchers. You cannot lead off in Majors. In essence, Intermediate has real baseball rules that we see in MLB, college and travel ball.

Why play it?
Baseball does not end after Majors. Some kids get to play in middle school at 13 years old, but the vast majority do not. Not every child gets to play on Travel Ball teams due to the extra expense of practice, traveling to tournaments, etc. The Intermediate division will provide another avenue for kids to play great baseball in Chula Vista. We don’t want kids to lose a place to play baseball. Eastlake has been a home to most of these kids for the past 5 or more years. We want them to continue to grow and get better at baseball.

Why is Eastlake Creating It?
Eastlake Little League had this program a few years ago. We did not promote it enough to our 13 year olds. It has been known that the jump for most players from Majors to Juniors is difficult. The field is bigger. The throws are longer. The distance between bases is longer. Intermediate will allow kids to slowly build the strength, stamina, and confidence for the bigger fields without the risk of overthrowing to get an out or not being able to successfully run the bases. We have had a great amount of success from Single A to Majors. Our 14 year old players have been successful in Juniors. This is a place for our 13 year old players to have success and grow as baseball players for the future.

If the player is only playing Intermediate, it is the regular fee of $205. If you have an 11 or 12 year old that will be playing both Majors and Intermediate, the cost is $205 for Majors and an additional $40 for Intermediate. If you have a 13 year old that is playing Juniors and Intermediate, the cost is $205 for juniors and an additional $40 for Intermediate.

It has been stressed by District 42 that the Intermediate Division will be games only and not have practice. Eastlake Little League will readdress a practice schedule on a need only basis.

Games will be scheduled by District 42. They will be played on Sundays at the different locations within District 42.

Chula Vista American already confirmed that they have 2 teams. Sweetwater Valley Little League is planning to have at least one team. District 42 has assured the league presidents that if we do not have enough teams, they will work with other districts for outside games.

The field dimensions are 50 feet from the pitcher’s mound to home plate and 70 feet between bases (50-70). The dimensions will help the 13 year old players gain strength in their arm and confidence on the field before moving up to the 60-90 dimensions for Juniors and high school.

All Stars
Intermediate has its own All Star team and chance to play for a Little League World Series Title. If a player is playing in two divisions and makes both All Star teams, the player will have to make pick one team. Players will NOT be on two All Star teams.

Player Protection
We will be expecting managers to inform each other if one of their players has maxed out on pitching. We do not want a child to get injured due to over use. It is also imperative that the manager and parents have good communication. If a 12 year old max’s out on pitching during the week on his/her Majors/Juniors team and cannot be used on Sunday, a conversation must be had between managers, parents, and intermediate manager. I cannot stress enough that Eastlake Little Leagues does not want players to get over used.

Conflicts of Interest
Intermediate is primarily for 13 year old players. Major’s players need to make themselves available to their Majors team as much as possible. The expectation is that 11 and 12 year old players will be playing to their maximum potential in Majors and not saving themselves for intermediate games.

To register for the Intermediate Program, look for the Register Here section on our website Please register at your earliest convenience so we know how many players we will have this season.


Mark Robertson
Eastlake Little League President


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